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    Iam taking the ANCC exam June 22nd., anyone have any pointers? This is not my first time taking it and I know its a different exam foramt as of March 1,2010. Has anyone taken the test recently???? Thanks

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    Which exam are you taking? ANP or FNP? I took the exam in December. I would echo other posters concerning the NP boards. Fitzgerald materals are helpful. I did do a lot of practice questions, which was quite helpful although I don't believe that is generally recommended. I would do a search and see what other people have suggested and go from there. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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    Quote from kellynp
    Iam taking the ANCC exam June 22nd., anyone have any pointers? This is not my first time taking it and I know its a different exam foramt as of March 1,2010. Has anyone taken the test recently???? Thanks
    hmmmm....I took it in 2003......I thought the NCLEX was difficult and Board cert. was easy myself.....thought I failed the NCLEX....anyhow.....I would seriously do some intense systems in go through your ENT, cardiopulmonary, gi, uro, derm, etc......patho most common illnesses, diagnostics and alot of differential workup practice on ruling out those red flag differentials....truly the uphold and graham clinical guideline book would be a good review of common diseases and's so impossible to really STUDY for such a know.....

    hope that helps....
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    I took ANCC FNP the last week in February before it all changed. The format isn't changing, but the % of the content is supposedly shifting. I walked out of the exam not really knowing if I had passed or not. Some of the questions are just worded in an odd way and then the answers are all things I would not choose to do first in clinical practice!

    Here is how I studied:
    3-4 weeks before the test date I set aside 4-5 hours a day to study. I was recovering from major surgery and my child was in school all day so not a big deal for me I would read a section from the Fitzgerald review, read the more in depth version in her published book and THEN read a similar content section in the Leik review book. I found that Fitzgerald left out a lot of stuff AND Leik left out a lot of information but together it was pretty comprehensive.

    Additionally, I studied with my laptop on my lap and if there were things I could just not remember I made flashcards at Flash My Brain - the natural software for flash card learning.. The next morning when I started studying I would review the flashcards from the previous day and then start out with new information just as described above. I would NOT NOT NOT put all my eggs in one basket and just study Fitzgerald.

    Remember, the test is for ENTRY LEVEL providers. Rare diseases, really complex cases, etc. will not be on your test. Leik has a really good section on NP practice management, law, and all the professional issues.
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    I am still waiting to schedule my exam. In school we took a practice exam which was an ANCC mock up and I passed it. Were there a lot of women health questions on the ANCC exam? When I took the practice exam there were tons of questions over women's health, ortho, and legal questions.
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    What is the best way to study for the theory/healthcare policy/ professional role questions on the test? I think that is what is scaring me the most. I went to APEA review course and there was no coverage on this and I am told that is the same for fitzgeralds. Many of the review books do not cover this info as well. Are there any books that anyone used that helped with those questions?
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    I am wondering the same thing. I am using old lecture notes.
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    Hi everyone,
    I just graduated from an FNP in May 10'. I am undecided as to which exam I am going to take ANCC or AANP. In school they stressed ANCC as they say it has more clout. But I am stressed about taking the ANCC because of all the theory content. Has anyone taken the ANCC after March 1, 2010? How was it and do you have any pointers as to how to study for the theory portion?
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    Hi ayana,
    I graduated in May also and I could not decide which exam to take. I decided to take the AANP exam because after passing the AANP exam, you can apply for reciprocity to the ANCC and become ANCC certified without taking the exam. One exam, two certifications. (I realize that having both certifications may seem excessive). So far, the AANP has been very quick. I mailed my transcript on June 9th (the only missing piece from my application) and received approval to test on June 17th via email. The letter should arrive this week. I am not sure how fast the turnaround time is for the ANCC. I would love to hear some feedback about the post-March 1st exam. KellyNP took her exam today. I hope she passed!!
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    After talking to other students and NPs I've decided to go ahead and take AANP. I will be mailing my application off today. Mostly what everyone has said is that it really doesn't matter which certification you have as long as you are certified. But I would still like to hear from anyone who has taken ANCC after March 1st. Thanks for the info FNPGrad I may consider applying for reciprocity after I take AANP exam.

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