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    I would list your md degree and would emphasize your interest and passion for nursing and health care. I wouldn't say anything about planning to be an np because they might not want to hire you for one year. Best wishes.
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    The system isn't perfect, but it is in place for a reason. If any foreign MD could just come over and work as an MD (or even a PA or NP) it would be dangerous for patients. The US has no idea what standards are in place for foreign educated Physicians or what practices are being used. If they were taught to US standards they should have no problem passing the USMLE and entering a US residency...otherwise I agree that they shouldn't be allowed to practice.
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    Quote from WendyEvans
    Hi everyone/anyone,

    I am sort of the same situation as well. I am a foreign-educated MD who failed the USMLE (US Medical
    Licensure Exam). Since my dreams as a doctor went kaput, I decided to go into nursing. I now have an RN degree
    and passed the NCLEX. I plan to work as an RN for a year and then go into grad school to get my nurse practitioner
    degree. I am now doing my nursing resume. When looking for entry level RN jobs, is it advisable to hide
    the fact that I have a MD degree on my resume? Should I NOT put my MD degree under education since it will reflect badly
    on me.

    Please respond promptly. Seeking advice
    You should list all your education in your resume including the overseas-obtained MD degree. You do not have a license to practice medicine in this country and you're applying for a nursing position for which you have a license to practice in. I don't see a reason why you should be discriminated upon. I have worked in places where some of the ER Techs, RT's, and RN's were IMG's who either did not pass the US medical licensure exam or could not match into a residency program and they have moved on to train in other allied health professions and are practicing successfully in their second careers.
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    I am an IMG and I passed the USMLEs and received certification from ECFMG. I was unable to obtain a residency. So I became an RN and now working on NP. When I was applying for RN job, I did put medical degree under education, but I did not put any working experience as physician.
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