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I would like to know which book is good for my family nurse practitioner, advanced patho course that I'm taking this semester. I know it's sort of late to ask since I'm already 8 weeks into the semester. My instructor decided to... Read More

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    I just wrote on another post about this so it's fresh in my mind. Uptodate is pricey and the information is 6 months old (that's old by the digital age standards). is also pricey ($349 a year), and only lets you go to the site to search. They do have CME info there though. is a good price ($89/year) and sends you an email every week with the newest abstracts/citations from PubMed in the medical fields you select so you can stay informed, plus it has a good search function of PubMed that was designed by medical librarians. These are the same people who publish Doody's Book Reviews which is well respected in the medical field.

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    I was wondering how the McMance book worked out. We are using it for the bsn portion of our program. I guess we might be using for the graduate portion too. Most people don't read it because it is so intense, but I like all the details. I feel without the details you can't make everything fit into the big picture. I do have a bias as my first degree is biology though.
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    Mine was a Kumar...hard as heck to read, very detailed, but if you highlight the highlights - you end up highlighting the whole book. Kumar does not tell you what is really important versus what you'll never see. UTD, Ferri's, Glass' (gyn) Sadock (yuk) are decent refs. Path never changes, so pick one you like.
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    thanks for the response.

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