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hi there, i have a career question. i'm currently in graduate school for traditional chinese medicine. one earns an m.s., and then can sit for state/national board exams for a license to practice (the after that, people... Read More

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    I have many patients who would prefer that, actually.

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    Quote from Psychcns
    I am reading a fascinating book now about treating anxiety and depression with restorative yoga. Written by a psychologist. Who is going
    To do the clinical trials to measure the efficacy? And which patients will spend one hour per day for their health when they can take medication?
    I'm pretty sure there are some clinical trials for this (yoga) already. There are trials showing tai ji does things like lower blood pressure and other healthful benefits. Which is a similar kind of practice (movement coordinated with intention and breath).

    I know plenty of people who do all kinds of things in place of medication - exercise, art, yoga, diet, lifestyle, mindset, meditation, etc etc. It seems like pharmaceuticals are used in the US/westernized society as a solution for problems that are often better addressed through other means.
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    Where are insurance companies and medicare/Medicaid in reimbursing therapies like yoga, meditation, tai chi, chi gong etc..I agree these methods promote health. But I see people learning them in studios as a personal interest and maybe in fitness centers, but not in out patient clinics.
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    My obese, hypertensive and diabetic patients don't get exercise, yoga class or biofeedback at the clinic either. If they want to join the YMCA or hang out with Swami Ramdev, they have to pay for it. Some health club memberships cost less than than the copay for the monthly refill, and have fewer adverse effects!
    (BTW, we have BCBS and they reimburse us up to $40 a month toward our monthly health club fees)

    Some patients just want medication but others prefer lifestyle modification; many benefit from, or even require, both.

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