Accepted to USA Spring 2010 Adult/Gero NP Program

  1. I'm nervous about the job market but I guess I can't lose that "never say give up" mindset because I feel like I should still go on with it. My mind is a blur right now. I've got to arrange financial aid, figure out how to work full time and study (at least as long as I can) and set up clinicals. I think my anxiety disorder is getting the better of me. Wow. I've got to keep things in perspective, but I'm kind of flipping out at this time. University of South Alabama...I sure hope this will all be worth it. I hope I can find a job. I hope I don't run up too much debt. I hope I will feel fulfilled. I started back in 1999 as an LPN, then worked up to ASN, then BSN, now I'm pushing for MSN.
    I feel like I'm about to enter stormy waters and I'm in for a rough ride, but I'm excited about it, too.
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  3. by   RockyCreek
    CONGRADULATIONS! And welcome to the incredibly scary world of graduate school!
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Quote from IMABSNRN
    I feel like I'm about to enter stormy waters and I'm in for a rough ride, but I'm excited about it, too.
    I feel the EXACT same well. See you in Research and Patho in the spring!
  5. by   KeshaJRN
    I am also starting Adult Geron NP at University of South Alabama in Spring 2010. We can tread those stormy waters together!
  6. by   SoundofMusic
    I know about the apprehensive feeling. I am cutting back to part-time, which will decrease my salary. I am using money received from my husband's GI bill, which puts pressure on me to not "waste" the funds. I'm start out in pharmacology, which won't be easy. But still, it's SO exciting to be back in school and gaining more knowledge w/ the hope of a new career at the end.

    I plan to give it my all. This is the LAST time I'm going back to school and I hope it turns out to be the BEST time as well. I plan to make it the best. I have a feeling it just won't be necessarily as big a hassle as my BSN was. I just won't have so many classes at a time to deal with and will be able to concentrate more.

    Many of here are starting w/ you. Good luck!!