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The 4-Generation Gap in Nursing Medscape Nurses Laura A. Stokowski, RN, MS April 2013 Free Medscape registration required... Read More

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    I don't fit in any of those categories personally. And, I'm okay with that. This was an interesting read, but I really don't buy into it. There really isn't any box that you can put one nurse in.

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    I love Medscape too! Overall I don't think the categories are bad intrinsically; it is just how nurse managers use them. What I take away from the article is how certain events - specifically in medicine and health - can affect generations in a given work environment (in this case, nursing). To me, that's pretty interesting. I think we are in some part a product of our environment but not entirely. For example I am a millenial and I dislike social networking but if I needed to I can find out how to put up a FB page, get a blog going, and know how to connect with people pretty quickly. I think there are underlying qualities of each generation that tend to be more specific but end up being generalized in the article. These types of categorizations help from a larger perspective; but to really understand the motivations of any individual nurse means you have to sit down and talk with them.
    Might I add that nursing is an awesome career because you have so many generations working with one another.
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    So I'm a Millennial, raised by Baby Boomers, with the characteristics of a Traditionalist...except I don't hate technology. Yep, sounds like me.
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