Survey Participants Needed

  1. TIGER Leadership Survey

    The deadline for completing the survey is August
    The findings of the survey will assist in providing direction for program
    development and other initiatives to advance nursing informatics.
    The survey will take five minutes (if that)of your time.

    TIGER seeks survey participants

    The Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Initiative
    is conducting a survey to identify the unique educational needs of nurse
    leaders related to informatics skills, including computer competencies
    and information literacy.The TIGER Initiative is a collaborative effort
    of nursing professional organizations, government agencies, nursing
    informatics organizations, and technology vendors working to ensure that
    all nurses are educated in using informatics and thereby empowered to
    deliver safer, higher-quality patient care. Input is needed to
    accurately identify the educational needs of nurse leaders in order to
    support the anticipated use of electronic health records and Information
    Technology (IT)-enabled nursing practice in the future.

    To participate in the survey, utilize the attached this link:
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