SMART goals

  1. I am conducting a training for my nurses on writing SMART goals.
    I was wondering if anyone out there has some good examples of "bad" goals that could be made "SMART".

    OR...good case studies to use for goal creation??

    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   catlover314
    "Will attend more staff meetings." versus "I will attend at least 50% of staff meetings (Specific), as evidenced by signed attendance sheet (measureable), prior to my next evaluation (time-measured). Attendance and participation in at 75% will qualify me as a significant contributor, and 100% participation and attendance will qualify me as a role model. Participation will be measured by review of notes and entries in my performance journal. " Implied is that this goal is both appropriate to the job and realistic. The more specific and measureable the goal, the easier it is in the long run...I know exactly what I need to do to meet the goal, and what the outcome will be.
    Another one..."Will take more student nurses." versus "I will precept nursing students with positive student feedback during the coming year: Six students per year will be solid performer, 9 will be significant contributor and 12 will be role model. Evidenced by journal entries and feedback from students."