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Question for Managers who do their own hiring......

  1. 0 I am a student and am currently working on my pre-reqs as I am on the waitlist for a LPN program (which I will be merging into the RN program). I am very interested in a position at my local hospital, as a ER tech. I completed a nursing assistant program in 2004 but went back to work in banking after that. So I really have no medical experience.

    My question for those of you who interview and hire your own staff is, if you interview someone for a tech position and they have no experience but are in school (with great grades), a fast learner, will to do whatever it takes to gain some experience, can work weekend nights and is a cheerful, team oriented and very positive, would you still consider hiring them? Would you hire them over someone with experience that has a not so good personality?

    I feel like if I can get an interview that I can get this position. I am well aware that I will have to start at the bottom, and am fine with that. I am willing to do any kind of dirty work is assigned to me for little pay as long as I am learning. I would probably even work for free as long as the hospital trains me and pays for my certifications (BLS, EKG, etc.) I just need some experience in a hospital setting in order learn and to help me determine my career path.

    Truthfully, do I stand a chance? Does personality, motivation, ability to learn quickly and work with a team sometimes outweight experience?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    I'd hire you in a minute! When can you start?
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    Me too... you have all of the qualities I would look for. Skills can be learned, your qualities usually cannot
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    Thank you both for your replies! That is encouraging!

    Like said before, I really believe that I can get the job if I can just get an interview.

    Is there anything that you look for on resumes?

    Should I put something querky on my resume under qualifications? (teamwork, etc)

    I mean what do I have to lose at this point. Somehow I need for my resume to stand out....

    I thought about taking the BLS course, but then I thought well that isn't that impressive and probably will not make any difference.

    I do not have an "objective" on my resume. Should I add an objective stating that I am looking for a learning experience and my intention to work weekend nights??

    Thank You Again!