Nursing APPS

  1. What apps do other facilities use for meetings, communication tools, scheduling? I want something efficient.
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  3. by   jrt4
    I use the Speak app on iphone for staff meetings. I have to change my email address every few meetings because its a trial and I don't want to pay for the product. My facility offers conference lines but that requires me to remember to ask for one in advance. This is on demand. I also use Text2Group. It allows me to group my people by department/shift/job type or however else. I have the paid version since it was only a few dollars and it allows me to text unlimited people at one time. I try not to send texts before 4PM and use it only for extremely important communication or staffing needs.

    For non tech communication I use a weekly shift huddle format which I would be happy to share if you are interested. It hangs in the breakroom and each week people must review and sign. My charge nurses also have a communication tree...they have so many individuals they have to contact and educate on different communication/changes...that seems to be effective.

    Trying to find ways to communication are extremely challenging when you are dealing with a 24/7 operation. Night shift always feels slighted no matter how many days a week I come in early. For effective communication you must not only find ways to push out information but also hold staff accountable to retrieving information. "I didn't see that email" or "I must not have seen that shift huddle" are not good enough for me.