NEED to Interview a Nurse Manager for RN-BSN assignment. Please help! :)

  1. Hi there!

    I am a new graduate RN, and I am currently in an RN-BSN program. I need to interview a nurse manager regarding quality measures and creating a unit budget. I have contacted the managers where I did my clinicals and have been unable to set up an interview. I need your help, please! If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate it. I understand setting up a phone interview may be too much to ask. I can email you these questions so your response remains private. I truly appreciate your time and help with this assignment.

    Thank you.

    Part I: Quality Measures

    1. Is the organization accredited by The Joint Commission or another accrediting body? If so, what areas of improvement were noted from their last review? What have been the actions to correct those?
    2. What areas of improvement are they currently working on?
    3. How is their performance on The Joint Commission Core Measures?
    4. What benchmark do they use?
    5. Do they use NDNQI? If not, why not?
    6. If so, what areas of improvement have been noted?
    7. What have been the improvement measures to address those?
    8. Which areas of the National Patient Safety Goals have been noted as needing improvement in this organization?
    9. What are the financial ramifications for this institution of Never Events?
    10. Does the culture of the organization support quality initiatives

    Part II: Unit Budget

    1. How many FTEs do you have on your unit?
    2. What is your annual budget?
    3. How did you learn to do a budget?
    4. How would you rate, on a scale of 10, the degree of difficulty in preparing a budget for your unit?
    5. When you submit your budget, does someone in the administration meet with you to discuss it?
    6. If not, what happens to your unit after you have submitted your budget and it is reviewed?
    7. Do you believe your budget is adequate to provide safe and quality nursing care?
    8. What strategies did you have to use to have your budget accepted?
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    Feel free to email me the questions if you still have a need. Stephanie at
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    You can email me as well if you need help.
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    This is a public forum. You two should remove your email addresses and PM the OP instead, unless you wish to receive unsolicited information and/or requests. Just a thought.