Need Help to make a decision: SHOULD I TAKE THE NEW JOB OR STAY Need Help to make a decision: SHOULD I TAKE THE NEW JOB OR STAY | allnurses

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Need Help to make a decision: SHOULD I TAKE THE NEW JOB OR STAY

  1. 0 I am a manager on subacute unit for 8 months with excellent performance. I was first a regular nurse on the unit and got promoted as a manager. It was hard in the beginning, however all my staff members respect me and work with me. As per my DON, I was able to achieve a lot in a very short time. I was making more money as a regular nurse because I was doing overtime.
    Recently I found out that my DON is leaving, and I started looking for a new job. Some people say that when new DON comes, she or he comes with a team. I found the same position in a nother LTC. They offered me a lot more money for the same job.
    I went to talk to the DON, she begged me to stay and said she will speak with her bosses to match it. I promised, I will wait until she gives me a result.
    I already got the offer from the other place, I just need to sign it. Today, the DON came to talk to me. She said that the corporate are still looking for salaries in my position with the experience I have, and have not decided yet. She said I should do as I feel it is best for me.
    Today, I also founf out that the management position I was offerred WAS NOT filled for 9 months. I was wondering why? I don't know.
    The new facility has 5 stars, mine only 2.
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    Take the new job.. Your old job will be different with new leadership. Corporate is dragging their feet about keeping you. There are a lot of reasons a position is unfilled for several months ..disorganization, to save money, to evaluate if the position is needed etc..and you will be making more money!