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  1. Short time from graduating from nursing school my son was hospitalized for 2mo unable to put newly learn skills in action , which many skills hope gain experience on through clinical did not present themselves . I specialised footcare and compression therapy . I would really like to get my foot back in door for nursing i am hoping to find away to have an opportunity for LPN job shadow gain confidence and skills to perform job safetly . Any one who has ideas on how make this something realistic how would yoi go about this !!!! Appreciate incite of other trained professionals in healthcare field!
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  3. by   Inori
    volunteer at a nursing home (lots of LPNS work there), or hosptial.. and well you see them working and many times they will let you watch as they work if you're volunteer. and as volunteer you are in perfect position to network so by the time you finish school you may well have a job waiting. As for just going into facility for shadowing that's not possible due to liability, the facility must run a background check, reference check etc for all people that's alllowed inside.