Interviewing for manager position but have issues...

  1. Recently I applied for a nurse manager position and now have a interview scheduled. I currently work
    as a house supervisor one weekends, and I have over 20 years acute care experience. I had my own reasons for applying for this position (mostly financial - husband recently lost job and I needed to make more money). But that's probably not the reason I should give them!

    Another dilemma is that I am in school for my MSN, but I am in the FNP program not the administrative track.
    I would guess that they will ask about it and I'm not sure how to answer it.

    You are probably wondering why I am in the FNP program? Well a couple of years ago when I started the process of returning to school for my MSN I considered all the options - and at that time I felt the FNP was the best fit for me. I like interacting with
    patients and I thought the FNP would be pretty flexible. But how do I explain that during the interview?

    I am actually surprised they called me for an interview, I do have decent leadership skills, but recently the fact that I was in school for my FNP was considered a negative. For example, a few months ago I applied for a part time wound care nurse position, to supplement my weekend supervisor pay, the reason the director gave me for not hiring me, was because I was in school and would not be able to give a long term commitment.

    How bad do I want this position? It's hard to say because I don't know a lot about the position yet. I am going to go on the
    interview and check it out. Has anyone else ended up in management positions sort of accidentally? If so how did you do or are doing? Do you like your work? Is it worth it?
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