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Come discuss life's mysteries... Why does my manager through my food and drinks away?... Read More

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    I have no idea why your manager does this, but I do wonder why you don't just ask. All the theories posted thus far, even the little piggy that steals food, are possible explanations, but you'll never know unless you ask her.

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    I've seen too many cups of coffee at the nurses' station get tipped over on charts, reports, lab results...you name it. Most of the nurses know they aren't supposed to keep that stuff at the station. There are plenty of places to get a drink if they need one. I had one nurse try to keep her coffee on the med cart with her..she'd sip it as she poured meds! How many regs did she break????
    I will tell them once or twice to get rid of their drinks..or at least put them in the back room. Then I throw them out if they still leave them out. And NOTHING is allowed in the med room fridge except medications. I've seen sodas,mayonaisse,salad dressing...you name it they'll try to keep it in there.
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    I chuckled when I saw the title of this thread.... my last NM was tired of telling all of us we had to have a lid on all drinks at the nurses stations, and NO FOOD. She kept finding our stashes of crackers and candies in the "secret" drawers. It was because JCAHO was due any year now, and we all understood. It's funny, because our medical director was always leaving half filled coffee cups around. He'd be rounding, set it down, and forget where he left it. So he'd just go and pour another one. We'd all laugh at the 4-6 coffee cups sitting on all the counters!
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    Quote from loricatus
    I was told that OSHA requires that STAFF have no OPEN drinks or food in patient care areas. Where exactly are the true patient care areas? Think that depends on management interpretation. And, how come patients can have open beverages and food in the very same areas staff cannot?
    I think you're correct whether it be OSHA or JACCHO (?). We are allowed to have drinks and food out as long as it's on the desk, not up on the ledge, and as long as it's labeled. If were expecting a "visit" we put everything away. One rule they really enforce is no open containers in the refrigerator.

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