How to calculate for FTE & NHPPD? How to calculate for FTE & NHPPD? | allnurses

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How to calculate for FTE & NHPPD?

  1. 0 Hello! I'm a nursing student I was tasked to make a lecture about staffing and I ended up on this FTE and NHPPD thing during my research. I kinda need help on how to solve these things because I don't understand what my resource books says. @__@ D:
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    FTE equals 2080 hours worked in a year...PTE 1040

    Nursing hours per patient many actual nursing hours does that nurse spend with a particular patient. OR the number of hours of direct care a patient can expect to receive from an RN, along with LPN's, NA's in a 24 hour period. Our plan/budgeted direct WHPPD is 7.21 at our facility.
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    So... That means 7.21 hours of direct patient care? @_@ Correct me if I'm wrong