Help!! Nursing management salaries...

  1. I am a DON and I am attempting to hire a ADON. This is a newly created role, we used to have unit managers. We have a 7 bed and 2 OR for profit hospital located in the Kansas City Metro Area that specializes in surgery (bariatric, plastic, ortho, dental, etc) and we do pain procedures.

    The ADON would supervise day to day operations in med-surg, pacu, pain, dietary, and pharmacy. I do risk, quality, and everything else. With the OR Manager, the 3 of us makeup the total Nursing Management team and are responsible for implementing and maintaing all state, the Joint Commission and CMS regulations.

    The current candidate has 15 years experience with a fair amount of management experience as well as a strong back ground in med-surg and pacu....What is a fair salary?
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  3. by   samswim4
    Not knowing your salary it would be tough to tell.

    I would say $30k under your salary. What did you decide?!
  4. by   KarenJordan
    We use to determine what to pay people in my agency.
  5. by   MatrixRn
    How would you come up with 30K under the DON pay?
  6. by   MrChicagoRN
    Exactly what are the responsibilities of the ADON?

    Also, what is your candidates current salary in relationship to yours? You probably want to give her a bump, but she still needs to be less than you, of course.