Did I burn my bridges?

  1. Hi Nurse Managers,
    I am an experienced nurse who has been an educator on a unit for many years. I recently took a staff position on that unit and then quit after a month before completing orientation because I realized it wasn't a good fit for me. There were many issues with the physicians on that unit. I was honest with my nurse manager about my decision. I now have to continue to teach on this unit, but am feeling a bit awkward about it and am wondering if you as a manager would have angry feelings toward me. We seemed to end our meeting on a positive note and I made it clear that I really liked her and the other nurses, but I am hoping to continue a positive relationship with her and the other staff. Any advice or feelings?
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  3. by   VivaRN
    Admittedly I am a new supervisor so perhaps those with more experience will have a different perspective, but I would not think badly of you. You were honest and transparent the whole time. You were only doing staff nursing for a month. You have been a successful educator on that unit for many years. Your manager wants you to be happy and doing what you do best. There is nothing wrong with trying and then realizing your strength is in something else, that is life.

    Don't make it an issue and it probably won't be one. If anyone asks you about it you can tell them that, while you enjoyed and appreciated your staff nursing experience, you realized that education is where your heart is.