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As a nurse, is it really worth it to show loyalty to your place of employment? Perhaps there truly are benefits to being a loyal employee. Maybe not. Your thoughts on workplace loyalty are probably dependent upon the... Read More

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    The place I work at now has a history of cutting hours and layoffs. I know not to expect anything from them, I will continue to do my job as long as I have one.

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    What you have written is sad, but all so true. I am a L.P.N. in a small assisted living facility. I go to work when scheduled, do not call out and adhere to all of their rules and regulations. I got suspended today for the reason that I kissed a resident on the forehead. I was told it was innappropriate to do this. I love each and every one of my residents, they are like family. They have never shown any loyalty to any of the staff, and I am thinking they do not deserve mine either.
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    Quote from pegster278
    I got suspended today for the reason that I kissed a resident on the forehead.
    I used to do that all the time... we all did.
    We would tuck them in and give them a kiss on the forehead... made them feel well-loved (and they were).
    I suppose it's inappropriate to hold a hand, pat a shoulder or give a back rub, now...
    That is so lame.
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    I don't feel any loyalty to a place of employment. I live in an "at will" state. I can quit anytime and they can fire me anytime. I care about my patients, but have no doubts that the hospital will throw me under the bus without hesitation. I was born in 1986....maybe it's a generational thing.
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    I learned some very hard lessons-because I thought that people were generally good, caring and understanding about situations NOT
    Risk management controls many things-corporations change-nothing stays the same.
    You should be loyal to your own personal corporation-not some name, or facility or network of facilities that have glorious history
    If someone asks where your career loyalty is or why you're not donating your last pint of blood to them....say and memorize, record and replay. MY LOYALTY IS TO THE ______________(PLUG IN YOUR NAME HERE) FOUNDATION. All donations are accepted by the way. LOL
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    It's sad to see what healthcare has become. Management never really 'has your back' - their first loyalty is to the almighty dollar & their OWN necks. Morale is in the toilet, nurses are fighting for their hours, staff talks behind management's back & then kisses butt to get extra shifts-- it's the epitome of dysfunction-- just remember the only person you should trust is YOURSELF.
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    What a great business model. When employees are happy they are more productive & business thrives.
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