Why do some older nurses have to be mean when I'm reporting off! - page 2

Alright so I had a good night last night til the end....night nurses coming in....I usually give them a few minutes to get settled in (look up labs , etc). anyway there 's always this one nurse on this particular floor (i... Read More

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    Don't read too far into how someone looks at you. She could have been thinking GREAT, now I have to listen to gurgling and keep waking this patient up.....or she could have been thinking....any number of things, as looks are just looks.
    Sounds like your report was thorough, you advised MD with no new orders, you asked if any questions, so then at that point, end your shift.
    I am an old nurse. And I have had my fair share of looks. I don't pay attention to them, as how am I to know what someone is thinking, if anything derogatory or not.
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    i said 'some' and yes, there are the 'young' ones too. i think it was a bad night. i hate to leave things like that though...i just get a bad vibe, like 'im an idiot'. well anyway i've moved on...
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    Not mean, and I have gotten the skeptical looks from people younger than myself. I don't think it's an age thing. Part of being a nurse is developing a nice thick leathery skin
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