Why Do People Bully Me? - page 8

Unfortunately, bullying is an unpleasant fact of working life for far too many employees in our society. And surveys have discovered that the two workplaces that suffer the most from bullying bosses are healthcare and education... Read More

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    I had the same experience. I was a LTC LPN for 15 years before I went on early retirement to raise 3 children. After my youngest graduated it was time for a little "me" time. So I went back to school got my ADN. After graduating I began work at another LTC on 11-7. The nurse orientating me was an LPN who had been there 7 years. From day one she criticized my every move. It turned me into a nervous wreck I no longer have any confidence in my abilities as a nurse and walked out after a month. My mistake was I did not go to the DON with this, but I figured it would not do any good as they were both very good friends. So now here I am working on getting my confidence back.

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