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My patient had a roommate who had multiple family members in the room, on the other side of the curtain. And actually a group of them came in around 1 a.m. The families' loved one (pt) had gone through a procedure that evening,... Read More

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    Ok,I am in the hospital right NOW in Maine.Yesterday,my roomate,a seemingly sweet cancer pt started having many sons and family with loud bullhorn like voices showing up.They were laughing,the women were walking around very loudly clacking their heels,I was by the window,and had to walk by her bed a to get the bathroom.Just had emergency surgery for massive adhesions,14 inch incision,mucho pain.Anyway,these yahoos,were trading "Seinfeld' clips on their computers at full blast and making very racist political comments while the mothers tv was on.I finally said'Um,excuse me.could you please keep it down a little,I just had major surgery and would like a bit of rest?" They were silent for 3 seconds,and just started to laugh.They started making snide comments about not having private rooms anymore because of Obama care and "thats what free care will get ya'...I was hooked up to 3 IV's.So vulnerable.These were rednecks with a bit of money.I complained to the nurse,and she sort of sympathized but said that she thought they would be leaving soon.I told her that in fact,Id heard there were MORE coming to spend the weekend.Now,I didnt ASK to be there,It was a dire emergency.When my mom and husband showed up.they said there were NINE people in the room,and they could barely get though!!!!The nurse brought in a commode dhair,but there were still NINE people on the other side of the curtain,having what appeared to be a rodeo?lol..When the finally got moved to another room,hours later,they had taken the "please dont be too noisy"sign off the board and flipped it over.They were so horrid that I was near tears.The 'sweet old lady said "well,I would think that someone like that,{like what???}would get cheered up by having activity in the room"It had been a horrible experience,and one or two of the sons,had the loudest voice Id ever heard.I think he rather enjoyed the sound of his own voice.The started getting close to the curtain and saying rude things to me.Dropping large stacks of stuff,saying,laughingly,"WHOOPS!!!HOPE IT ISNT BOTHERING ANYONE,HARHARHAR"What would YOU have done?I was pinned to my bed,with a huge abdominal incision,iv lines and post op weakness and pain.The nurses eventually got them out,but only after aboit 6 hours of them abusing and making fun of me.I TOLD the head nurse,and she sympathized,but it took a long time.I told her that she shuld clear out the room NOW!!! Didnt happen.Im wanting to file a complaint but I dont want o get these 2 nurses in trouble.Isnt NINE Giant loud bigoted Mainers a bit much?What should I do? I was sooo sooo soo upset.I think there should be a STRICT 2 person limit and the noise from the bellowing types should be monitered by...security?Is still steamed as hell and dont want anyone to ever have to go thru this.Advice>Thanks yo all in advance.i dont feel that the nurse should have to be the bad guy,but,couldnt she have called security?I was a cna for 20 some years,but in a private geriatric hospital, where this was NEVER an issue.Folks back in the 90's were much more respectful.Im torn,I seem to always be the 'whistle blower'.Should I just walk away? It made me feel so bad tho..And the nurses should be protected.Not to mention the patients..Advice would be so so so welcome!Thanks you guys!.

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    I feel like if Im going to do anyth8ng about it,It should be this week,I might go home tomorrow.Wasnt this a clear violation of MY rights?There are "2 visitors per patient"signs everywhere.
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    BTW,My first roommate was the sweetest old lady you can imagine.She hugged me 3 times when she left,gave me her number and address and begged me to come visit her..awwwwww
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    Ruby.I am so sorry this happened to you,In 98,with my hysterectomy,I had what sounds to be this same family,complete with odiferous foods.The nurse booted them.different hospital.
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    Ruby,Im an "old Nurse too.52.Its so different now.No respect at all for the nursing staff.we are like servants.
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    The hospital that I used to work at had very few semi-private rooms, but they had a policy that if one of the patients needed quiet because of condition/procedure/etc...that trumped the other patient from having more than one visitor at a time. Everyone had to leave when one of them went to sleep for the night.

    The line of cultural sensitivity ends when it affects the well-being of their roommate.
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