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Hey everyone, I just have to vent to people who can understand this...I know nothing will fix it, but boy did I get ticked. I just started at a new clinic two weeks ago and really like it alot, and am just getting to know... Read More

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    I agree - MAJOR EMTALA violation. Huge fine could be assessed. I'd write both an incident report AND a letter to the department manager cc: risk management. Don't be surprised to get a letter from the receiving hospital re: EMTALA violation. I would jot down some notes now - he said /pt said/nurse said etc. while they are fresh in your mind. Put them in a safe place AT HOME. CYA.

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    Just curious about "MAJOR EMTALA violation". The original poster said s/he worked in a clinic, not an ER. Does this law only cover ER's or all out-pt. clinics and MD's offices.
    Unfortunately sometimes patients do dumb things and then want us to fix it. It is true this patient should be in an ER. Who knows why they did not go to the ER. At 37 weeks gestation maybe she was ready to deliver. Good luck to you because your name is on the chart.
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    This whole situation needs to be documented including copies of the chart and a written narrative of what you observed. Keep a copy and deliver a copy (by hand if possible) to your risk management department. You said that your clinic is connected with the hospital so there is a risk mamagement department within the hospital.

    Just in what you relate I see several problems/violations in the areas of regional, state and federal law. Document clearly for your license may also be involved. Many times law suits may be filed after the event and you may not be notified for years (I just recently had to review a 5 year old ER chart). Keep your own file at home to protect yourself and to have something to refer to.

    Go to risk management TOMORROW.

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