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I've been working on this floor for about two months (I am a new grad). There is so much back stabbing and back biting I feel like I am working in a common cesspool. The nurses take turns talking... Read More

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    I agree with november and cweeks. I do also believe that work environments with a lot of women can get too catty. I worked in a reverse situation (more men than women) and I liked it more sometimes because of the lack of cattiness. Not lack of meanness, mind you, but less cattiness. Mean men are just as bad as catty women. One of them was my boss. I got him back by doing a bang up job and getting lots of compliments from our customers that he could not avoid. I also got a new job not long after that and never said a word about him trying to hire someone in to replace me.

    I love writing goodbye notes. It's one way to prove you are a class act. At one of my jobs, I had several people come up to me and say, "That was the best adios letter I have ever seen."

    I go to work with the attitude that I can do my job and learn something every day. Part of my job is getting patients motivated to go to therapy, participate and get well. Nobody has a good day every day, but you should at least make an attempt. One day builds on another and why not build something nice you can look back on later instead of a dung heap?

    I am all for leaving toxic environments when required. No job should cause you to get an ulcer. If it does, it's time for a new job.
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