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Well, the very first day that my nursing class came together as a group I was shown how male nurses "fit in" to our program. It was uniform fitting day for my class and the line was about 50... Read More

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    I agree with you Peeps.......I have learned to weed those out quickly......I have a female friend who is older than I and we study well together so we are kind of sticking with the same classes to help each other. We always make sure we get the same lab and helps......

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    The last person I saw in a zippered smock was my old boss, who happened to be a fifty-eight year old pharmacist with the fashion sense of a toad.

    I feel for you, Peeps. Well, I'd feel for you more if my uniform wasn't heinous... It consists of the aforementioned "tampon costume"...and a red pinafore. A RED PINAFORE!! ::falls over:: It's awful.

    There aren't any guys in my clinical unit, so I don't know what their uniforms look like... But I bet it's the plain white smock thing. But hmm... White smock versus red pinafore...

    Can I come to your school?

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    originally posted by peeps mcarthur

    so true sleepy!:chuckle getting "a's" and having an understanding of the material being lectured is like being a freaking millionaire!!
    after class the other students would just crowd around me asking questions and sometimes the teacher would be just sitting there all alone!:zzzzz i would look at her like "i need crowd control" and i would say "but that's only my understanding. the teacher is available now to clarify that"

    i have to admit that it also helps if you know a woman's definition of "charming" but i played the role of a rock star for much of the last year because of my study habits and my availability when i saw that someone needed my help. i helped a small group(peep's groupies) through micro that would have failed for sure. they still email me for advice and i always answer them.

    future lpn

    i want to wear a uniform that is made for a man(which obviously a zippered smock is not) that has the same colors and pattern of the women's uniforms.

    the plain white zippered smock is looking good on a dentist but not on a student that works side by side with females dressed in the "real" uniforms.

    i made an interesting observation today as i went over the uniform requirements for male nurses. the form stated that we could only wear the "uniform" as provided by the uniform company.

    how is a plain white smock a "uniform"?

    a "giant tampoon"!!:roll exactly!

    how can they not see how ridiculouse that looks?
    peeps, i am already an lpn, i am a future, rn i can understand how you can be concern of your looks and wanting a male styled uniform with colors befitting a man. i personally don't understand the drama since it will only be for clinicals and for your school days. i will stick to welcoming people and leave the "hard" threads alone. just kidding, of course.
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    Peeps, I am already an LPN, I am a Future, RN
    My apologies. I have subscribed to more threads than usual and I'm blurry-eyed from studying psych.

    I personally don't understand the drama since it will only be for clinicals and for your school days.
    I think that it is very important that you at least understand my point. You certainly don't have to agree with it, but ignore it and you will be facing it head-on one day.

    In a nutshell:
    The male "uniforms" are not uniforms at all. The "tampon costumes" are obviousely condescending and say "you don't belong to our program" to me because they aren't similar to the other uniforms enough to tell if I'm even in the program.

    I feel segregated.

    White smock versus red pinafore...
    What's a pinafore?...........................Sounds like food to me!:chuckle
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    peeps wrote:
    my apologies. i have subscribed to more threads than usual and i'm blurry-eyed from studying psych.

    stephany writes: :chuckle you are alright with me, peeps. have a great one! apology accepted
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    Well Peeps, I went and ordered my uniforms today, and I was given a choice of a smok, or a teal colored polo shirt. I got the polo shirts, and two white lab coats, and two white pants. I actually do look like the rest of the crowd, and our uniforms look pretty good. We had our orientation today, and the men were treated really well. I think I'm going to like it! keep up your fight, and help to get the men that come after you some nice threads. Good luck. Darby
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    Peeps, in my program, men and women alike we ALL get the zipper.

    piping over the chest like a medical cowboy
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    No uniforms for me yet, since I'm still doing prereqs, but from what I understand, our school just makes everyone wear white scrub tops & bottoms, with a school patch on the sleeve. The last time I wore a zippered smock for work was when I worked at McDonald's back in high school in the mid 70's!

    Peeps, stick to your should not be made to feel like a 2nd class citizen just because of your gender.
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    What's a pinafore?...........................Sounds like food to me!
    God, I wish! LOL I'd wear muffins on my head any day instead of this thing. But, for your benefit, here you go...


    "pinafore (n) : a sleeveless usually low-necked garment fastened in the back and worn as an apron or dress"

    ::waits for Peeps to stop laughing::

    Yep. You having flashes of 1948 candy stripers yet? Just kidding, of course; some of us look darn good in them. But the guys wouldn't be too find of them, I wouldn't think...


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