The Patient I Failed - page 32

She knew what she wanted. She'd watched her husband of 52 years die on a vent, and followed his wishes to remain a full code. But she knew that was not what she wanted for herself. So, she... Read More

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    Thank you... this article sums up my feelings. One of the main reasons why I've left ICU & moved to Emerge.
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    been there in that situation but you presented it very well.. congratulations!
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    I know this was posted 5 years ago, but I happened upon it while reading about the 2013 story contest. That being said, WOW! What a beautiful, well-written, powerful, (I could go on forever) heartfelt story! It actually brought tears to my eyes! I love how you added the bits of the living will along with what was actually occurring. KUDOS TO YOU!
    Oh, and by the way, you, in NO shape or form, failed this patient. Her daughter, who I'm sure was grief-stricken and distraught and a little bit selfish, did.
    Two thumbs up!
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    Very moving story, anyone who has worked in that setting can relate to this heart wrenching situation.
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    I just saw something similar as a student, I was so saddened by this and even more upset because I use to help people write their living wills and at the time didn't realize they weren't followed

    Thank you for caring for her so tenderly
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    This is so sad, but drives the point across very strongly.
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    I am bawling. *sob*
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    Sad situation. Could Ethics have been brought in?
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    This is unspeakably horrible. I don't really know what to say. I was crying after reading this and my husband was looking at me like "What's wrong" so I read it to him. He's not in healthcare but he was horrified.

    You did not fail the patient.

    That daughter failed her mother.
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    What a beautifully written, devastating post. We struggle losing the ones we love, but at some point we need to let go, and when we don't the results are rarely positive.

    Just...stunning post, writer. I don't have many more words.
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    You did not fail your patient, the child failed their mother.
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    This is why I hate this job.
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