The Patient I Failed - page 28

She knew what she wanted. She'd watched her husband of 52 years die on a vent, and followed his wishes to remain a full code. But she knew that was not what she wanted for herself. So, she... Read More

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    Many nurses come to hospice after similar experiences. Don't forget that you can be an advocate for hospice from ANY environment. Even when I went to Telephonic Triage and Disease Management for a period of time I STILL shared hospice and told people to make sure they family knows their wishes. I also encourage people to PUT IT IN WRITING - I have seen it bypassed BUT at least you tried. Blessings to all who care for their patients from the heart...

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    words can not convey the true sentiments of the beauty that this article represents...thank you for sharing it...aloha~
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    great written makes me speechless.

    well, wish you all the best
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    The very first time I read this, it was through blurry eyes filled with tears. Not only is this a heart wrenching story, it is also BEAUTIFULLY written. After being so moved, I decided to submit this article (with credit, of course) in with my preceptorship journal. Needless to say, I was not the only one who enjoyed it. I received a 100 on my journal! So THANK YOU in more ways than one!
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    Wow...that is all I can say. That is a tragic story that was wonderfully well written. Thanks for sharing.
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    I hope you dont mind, but I felt I had to share this with my friends. It was so beautifully written and heartwrenching, especially for anyone who might have lived something similar.
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    Absolutely heartbreaking.. and working in LTC, it hits so close to home..
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    and these are the same people (the daughter) who will then sue you, the doctor, the hospital and anyone else they can think of for "killing" their mother!
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    Unfortunately I see this all the time....for me it is the most frustrating part of being a nurse. I, too, have whispered my apologies to patients that clearly deserved to die in a dignified, peaceful manner, with their family members respecting their wishes. Unfortunately, some family members serve their own selfishness instead of their loved ones wishes. Hugs and thank you for sharing.
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    Beautifully written and this happens more often than it should. And yes , this is the type of family that will "sue". The poor patient, when my parents became too ill to have a meaningful quality of life we followed their wishes and their . "living Wills'.

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