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Hey all just going to throw a thread up in the air, hopefully it will be straight forward. I want to see what you nurses think of your hired help :roflmao:. AKA your PCT's. The poll question is, what percentage of your... Read More

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    I would say 3/4. There are a few lazy ones but for the most part our PCT's work SOOOOOO hard and are so under-appreciated.

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    The caliber of your aides can make or break your shift. I learned fairly quickly that when certain aides were assigned to me, I should just do my own vitals, turn my patients and change them myself. I'd rather know up front that the aide assigned to my patients isn't going to do what I ask them to do then figure it out when I finally sit down at 2am and see that no vitals were done at 8p or 12a.
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    Most of our aids are great. There are a few though that I dread working with. One is probably going to be fired soon for (proven) false documentation.

    We've lost a lot of aids in the past few months and have only hired a few back so they are really overworked. It's starting to affect them.

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