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One thing that got under my skin when I was doing ambassador work at the hospital was trying to have small talk with patients while taking them to whatever floor they needed to be on. It's hard to say, "how are you," "are you... Read More

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    Commenting on tattoos, shoes real little things, elderly people I would say hairdo, grand kids, pets

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    Quote from RNforYears
    Ask open ended questions that give the patient an opportunity to talk about themselves.

    1. Are you from around here?
    2. What kind of work do/did you do?
    3. Do you have kids/ grandkids? How many
    4. What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?

    Avoid anything that resembles religion or politics. Refrain from sharing about yourself unless they ask and you feel comfortable answering.
    I also used those questions a lot with adult patients, and now that I do peds I use the same questions to get to know the parents.
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    Im the King of small talk with patients.

    "Do you live around here?"

    'Ohh I live in bobbytown right up the street'

    "Do you think it's gonna snow anymore?"

    "Are you married? [Yes] . How long? [40 Years] WOW Whats your secret?? "
    "Do you have kids? Grandkids?"
    "Are they local?"
    "What do you do / did you do for a living?"

    I was told recently i'm too buddy buddy with my patients.

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