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I have been having issues with my manager for a while now, and i am reaching the point of no return. I think she wants to get rid of me and i dont know what to do. I started on this floor as a new RN seven years ago and loved it... Read More

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    there is no need to apologize to me. just trying to give you some advice. from the nature and content of your posts, i doubt that you truly are a manager. and if you are, you are setting yourself up for a ton of trouble. think about what you would say to an employee if you found out she or he was posting this kind of rant about a coworker. or think about how you would feel if someone posted about you like this. i no longer teach, i now manage a telemetry unit, so i do feel qualified to offer this advice. and i don't meant to offend you, but when i see bs, i call it bs.
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    I want to thank everyone who gave me some good advise and were kind to me. Some of you automatical thought i was wrong,but you dont know everything. I did ask for a meeting with the cno and the manager together. The cno completly supported the manager and i still did not get my step two renewal signed. And i guess my posts wernt really clear. we had a interem manager who had another foor to for six months. The new manager came from another hospital six months ago. To answer some questions some of you asked. She is playing favorites by taking away some of my comittees and giving them to her new staff. I only have one comitee now, and its education. She gave the good comittees to her favorites. And she didnt see me not wash my hands. the hospital has people come around and watch to see if people wash there hands. I didnt know she was there and i forgot, so i got wrote up. And she didnt see me say anything to the students. The teacher complained to her about me and when she talked to me about it she said it was not the first time. She would not let me explane how annoying the students are sometimes. I dont think i will ever please her. Then she was so smug after we met with the cno. She said she still wants to help me get better. I just dont beleive her.
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    And rgroyer, you sound like the kind of manager i would want to work for.
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    Thank you ladybluebell, but sue is right my post was innapropriate, and she does have a point, I would'nt like it if someone posted that about me, but since I am the nm, and this other manager really does act the way I told you guys about, what should I and the other nm's do about this person as she really is this rude and demeaning to everyone, and the only way to even get a response out of her is to be just as rude to her. Do any of you have any ideas as how we can get through to her?
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    Not to mention I probabley ranted on b/c I have to admit I was full of phenergan when I posted, I have still had severe issues with n/v and anorexia since my surgery, which I do'nt know why, I have did pretty good with everything except this.
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    Just be a little more it's harder to track you down. You never know who is on the boards. No more drug posting......

    There are bad managers. Unfortunately, these days administration kind of supports this management style. It takes a lot of experience to be able to sort through the bull and find away to manage within the guidelines yet skirt the edge. This manager may have been chosen for this task for they very reasons that makes her so annoying. OP great job on sucking up to her to buy you time.......if you really can't work with this chick, move on. Is there another unit you can tsf to?

    Your MN, peer, groyer is another story. I would not allow the staff I am in charge of be treated this way. I would go to the director or CNO and plead my case that the staff will, float anywhere....but there....... until this particular manager can interact with a more professional decorum to the staff. I would also ask for a open table discussion with the director and the CNO about the behavior of this manager and have days dates times and quotes and ask how a resolution can be reached. Does your ED staff float? unusual....But, IF the ED staff had to float, the ED staff for "care" only so they are available to return at a moments notice.
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    Thank you sue and esme for the advice. Esme we have had this issue for awhile now, why admit likes to take my ed and icu nurses and float them to the floor, and float me and other critical care nm's floor nurses I have yet to figure out and we are trying to put a stop to it as it is dangerous. And before any one gives any type of advice I have been tried on every anti-emetic under the sun, I have lost 35 lbs in the last month and I have no idea why I am always n/v and dont have an appetite, even though I had the liver transplant, but I have a wonderful gi doc thats going to figure it out, it may be the anti-rejection meds I dont know, but I have faith in god and the doc.
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