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I just recently started a second job as a RN on a bariatric unit ( I also work at a psych hospital). My preceptor has been a nurse for 30 years and is precepting both me and another orientee. ... Read More

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    Preceptorship is often thrust upon nurses who would not choose it, and probably do not have the interpersonal skills to be good preceptors.
    Why? Because some floors have only a small group of senior nurses to choose from. This small group has responsiblity for precepting, being in charge, taking the heavy assignments to free up floaters and new grads, and being a resource to everyone. They are prone to burnout.
    Using your best political skills, ask you manager if you can switch to another preceptor. Don't accuse the nurse of anything; say it is a personality mismatch.

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    Today, upon coming in taking shift report with the preceptor, she rudely walked past me, spoke to another employee then blatantly ignored me. After report and finding out that she would get 8 pts and precept me because the agency nurse did not show up, she snapped again. I asked her "which pts will I get?" She then told me that I am getting two and I should know what I am doing because of last week orientation and that she was going to quiz me from A-Z on everything later and that I better know it. An hour later, I pulled my manager to the side and told her how I felt about everything. My manager understood and told me that she has heard about this type of behavior before regarding my preceptor as a nurse but not preceptor. She also told me that the preceptor was kinda forced into it because only she and 2 other nurses are bariatric certified nurses. She then told me to not take it personal and talk to her about how I feel if I am comfortable with that. Later, when our scheduled preceptor, orientee, nurse manager meeting was going on, the preceptor went in first and said that she would call me in when they have finished so that I would join. Well, they stayed in there for about an hour and a half and then it was time for me to leave so the nurse manager told me to give her report and that we would talk my next scheduled day because she had an interview. When I looked into my skills folder that my preceptor had wrote in I was furious. She put things like "support with documentation" as my only strength for last week. As for weaknesses, she put "slow learning unit without letting preceptor know, unable to discern abbreviations, no knowledge of supplies for skin tx, no initiative picking up linen, no responsibility, not following directions." I have only been on this unit working a week and a week orientation and I feel that I am picking things up good and even other co-workers tell me so.

    I cannot even believe that she could put this stuff down when I work my buns off everytime I go to work! I cannot even address these issues until when I come back to work. She even snared at me before I left and asked would I be there tomorrow even though she knows that I follow her schedule and that we would not be there. This is so frustrating! i think that she is upset becasue my boss granted me to only work PT 24 hrs a week orientation, not the 36 hrs that she does. However, I am a PT employee and work another job as well as have some exp as a RN.
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    I think I would talk to the NM again.
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    It sounds like your preceptor is a bitter, resentful woman. It sounds like your NM knows it and is supportive, but is strapped for staffing. Sorry you're going through this, it's a very frustrating type of situation.
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