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Hi - I'm a newer grad (May 09) and would like a little bit of feedback. Today a patient's family member wanted me to contact the patient's doctor re: a proposed surgery. So many physicians on the case I spoke with a more... Read More

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    Quote from Virgo_RN
    Oh, and as far as rude physicians, I just take it with a grain of salt. I don't take it personally when a patient is rude to me, so why should I take it personally when a doctor is? You will learn which doctors are rude and which doctors are nice, and you'll develop your own way of approaching them. If I have to interact with a physician who is known to be a poo-poo-head, I just get straight to the point, get my orders, thank them politely, and hang up.
    a poo-poo head? Don't you think that the rude one in question should be referred to with just a BIT more respect??????? I think Mr. Poopy Pants might be acceptable...........

    Sorry, your comment made me laugh out loud..Maybe I'm just tired, but your posts usually make me laugh, anyways (the ones that are meant to be humorous, of course).
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    Quote from JomoNurse
    you said yes sir and thank you sir after he chewed you out? he chewed you out because you probably gave off the vibe that you would tolerate that. just stick to your question and ignore anything else he says. it'll earn you respect and you won't be considered a pushover. by the way, if the question was related to the surgery, then the surgeon should have been called instead.

    also, if it happens again, reply back with a stern "Do not speak to me like this." No pleases, no soft whimpy voices, no yes sirs, or any of that crap. If he continues then you say "this conversation is over until you treat me with respect." Then you hang up. NO ONE deserves to be treated like an idiot.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, don't call a doctor for an idiotic reason, then you can't be surprised if he or she does chew you out. one of my nurses paged a doctor at 5 in the morning to reconcile a new admission's home medications - which were two OTC VITAMINS. The physician responded back with "are you f*cking kidding me!?" and then hung up.

    Well put!!! I agree completely!
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    Quote from NewRN2008
    I have had things done like this to me from a particular md that has that g.o.d. complex. he proceded to chew me out on the phone, when I AM NOT the one that even called him. I anwsered his questions, pretty much like smarty pants, so he knew my attitude. He continued to do this, so i stopped him and told him pretty sternly that i was not going to be talked to like this, nor should any female that he talks to, and i wont be treated like this. we are both here for the pt and i dont deserve to be treated like a child. I didnt call you, and i have no problems is there anything else i can do for you? if not, i have your pt's take care of. he apologized and said you are smart and seem to know what you are talking about (of course that last smarty comment because he got a little bit of a beat down and had to say something!) and stated our floor had called him 7 times that day with ***** questions and he was getting mad. i said that had nothing to do wiht me, i just got here, so knock it off. now when i see him, i actually kinda razz him! lol.. a lot of the other nurses will avoid him, or not talk to him, whatever, i purposly go and talk to him, or screw with him. and i KNOW he knows who i am from the phone that day.
    You will learn what you can do with each md to make them step back and knock it off. and you know what, they need it sometimes too. not saying that all mds are needing what this arrogant guy does, but you need to say "excuse me, we are both here for the pt, so i am doing what i can for the patient!" you will get there, it takes time if you havnt been able to do that, you will. they are just doctors, another person to take care of the pt. just because they had more schooling doesnt mean they are better than you. heck yeah they have earned the right of respect, but you know what? SO DID WE!
    I did the same exact thing to a Doc that was screaming at me for something I didn't even do. I just kinda sat there while he screamed. he also had a group of interns with him, so he was basically just being a jerk for show. He walked out with me sitting there stunned from the buttchewing. I was in ICU working over time for the next shift. He walked out to MS. All of a sudden iwas MAD!!!! And went looking for him and found him and just reamed him in front of the interns. I was tired from my shift and was having a hard time staying awake. and very very angry. He just sat there never said a word, then he said "You weren't supposed to take it personally! I knew you didn't do it." and then turned to the interns and said " Have you met one of my favorite nurses and then introduced me to them. ( I work nights normally and was pulling a double on days.) Needless to say my jaw hit the ground and I just stomped out. But like the one nurse said he never treated me the same He would ask me to help him on some procededurs(sic) he hated most of the nurses and they hated him but I never got an ounce of grief from him again.
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    Isyorke - Thanks for your note and I get your point - problem was that the attending was the family doc for this pt and since the pt's family was irate I thought it would be best he knew that they had called the director of the hospital etc.......the surgeon is a stranger to them and I was going to advice attending of situation and mention I'd be calling surgeon if o.k. with him but he didn't let me get that far - unfortunately the surgeon made the man's leg look as if it had been cut with a fork and a knife - very sad situation. Thanks for taking time to reply.
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    It's kinda like the sterotypical school bully. If you stand up for yourself, most of the time you will be left alone. It's even possible that you will make a new "friend" once the dust settles. I've seen it several times...the doc and nurse get into it, and then the next day they are both laughing about it and have a new mutual respect for each other.

    Some days you just have to put on your big boy/big girl undies, do battle, brush it off, and go home to your loved ones.
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