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Today I came in to work and got report on a 36 year old male patient, on our rehab/med-surg unit with endocarditis and receiving continuous antibiotics through his PICC line. I go in the room to assess him and give him his 0900... Read More

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    I have a lovely memory involving a body pillow, broken sharps container, every med given to the patient for 2 weeks (with the the exception of the narcotics), feces, and a PICC line.

    Patient ended up with a 24 hour sitter, hospital gown and blanket, nothing else permitted at bedside without being searched by security.
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    Had a pt (known drug user) once who left the hospital with his IV pump and pole, no idea how he manage to get it in the car. Friend picked him up and they went to a BBQ restaurant. Pt shows up hours later suspected of being high. Dr orders drug screen. Came back positive. Pt's very much needed vascular surgery for the next day was canceled. Pt was d/c'd home. Pt was very upset. Dr told him if he could stay clean for a few weeks, he would readmit him for surgery. By the way, pt was on heparin infusion when he left the hospital. Pump was alarming and IV had been disconnected.
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    Patient with psych issues and eating disorder. Came in FOP like the radiologist had never seen before. Needed multiple enemas and laxatives. Well, that was this patient's issue--and would hide feces in the towels, in the linens, in the pillow cases--decline further radiology studies, but beg for an enema......sigh.
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    No one missed him??

    Re: The pt who went to the BBQ reference

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