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I started working for a sub-acute LTC as the DSD last week. The DON and I hit it off because we have the same vision on what we need to do in order to solve the problems we current have. Early this week, we posted an ad for... Read More

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    I love threads like this one. Pop in say something outrageous and sit back and watch. It's that time of year.
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    Quote from Fiona59
    I love threads like this one. Pop in say something outrageous and sit back and watch. It's that time of year.
    And that phase of the moon.
    Excuse me, I have to go and bay
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    Why did it make your day? Do you enjoy feel superior over others? Why do people get pleasure over make fun out of others. Serious it is very upsetting to read some of theses post. For the life of me I cannot understand why nurses eat their young. Do you sit there with a big smile on your face as they eat their young or do you join in?
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    You posted part of someone resume on line!!!! I wish your DON could see it.
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    Quote from saarhusrn
    Lol, I see that same arrogant attitude in some of the student nurses that come for clinicals. Pretty scary as these will be future nurses taking care of us and our families. Makes you want to open a care facility for retiring nurses, staffed by the retiring nurses.
    No need to worry about the superior nursing students. When and if they graduate reality hits them right square in the ass. You see the superior new nurses on this board every day. Crying because they had a 'bad' night. The night they describe is a normal night for us. They complain about how hard this class is or that test was. Don't you just want to kick them and say nothing is as hard as BEING a nurse. In school you have resources coming out of your nose, you are taught that you are the greatest thing since sliced bread but when you hit that floor you have only one resource - yourself and don't try to throw your weight around. Some dumb LPN, like myself, might just tell you where to go and what to do when you get there. So take comfort in time and reality,Saarhusrn, The little Gum Drops will learn.
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    You think you are going to hire someone with no experience to be charge of a problem unit, 36 hour orientation from you, and they will stay for any time at all? That is cruel, harsh, throwing the new nurse to the wolves. If I were you I would hire the ballsiest nurse who had an attitude because they will certainly need a superior attitude, and a sense of denial if you think they will jump in with no prior experience and have you to lead them to Mecca with your 4 day training session, which I am sure would be full of interruptions and fragmented learning opportunities. You are setting the stage for less than one year retention of that poor applicant. Revolving door management style and dictatorial sink or swim orientation to the role. "Do as I say and we'll get along just fine." If I were you I'd hire the girl going on a cruise because that will be the last vaca she'll get for a while.
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    Pretty crappy to post an applicant's resume on a forum. If I were that applicant and saw that here, the OP would be in deep, deep trouble.
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    Just read your post and had to laugh. I have been working for 6 months so consider myself a new grad. What you ran into is exactly what I saw in school. Many of my classmates had this bizarre air entitlement. Lord only knows where it came from. I walked into my interview humble and eager to learn.
    The cruise thing I get....wanting to but upfront and maybe nervous about how to mention it.
    Oh and sad to say I didn't know what core measures were until I was on orientation and badgered my preceptor into explaining them...which she had a hard time doing.
    Good Luck!!
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    In your first post there was no 2 month period mentioned. So that's where the replies are coming from. Thanks for clarifying. And you also stated no experience because you wanted to train them. I'm sure that you were taken aback by some of the responses, but that's the job market and you have to hone your questions now to weed out those that won't work in your area. You can only do your best, but then the rubber meets the road when they are off orientation.
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    Wow, you posted part of someone's resume, talk about unprofessional...

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