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Nurses Calling Patients "Jerks" - page 6

I am a new nurse, and I hope I don't ever become one of these nurses. I work on a demanding medicine floor, where many patients become quite needy and require a lot of attention from the nurses. I... Read More

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    If someone is being a Jerk I'll let them know obviously with tactful and respectful language. Some people actually don't know when they're being a jerk, if you tell them usually they fall back.
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    I personally do not see anything wrong with nurses saying bad but relevant stuffs about patients. I meant I can listen to it and choose to trust it or not when I come in and interact with patients, however at least I know what I will walk into. I rather over prepared than under prepared. Trust me, if you have a patient who is manipulative and bad mouth about everything and other nurses you would want to know and chart/cover your a** everytime you are in that room.
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    I had a patient ring the call bell at the end of a twelve hour shift to ask me, "did you even bother looking in the mirror lately? you're really an ugly mess."

    And no, the person wasn't diagnosed with dementia-- it was a relatively healthy young person who was angry about not being allowed out to smoke.

    Yup, that was a jerk.
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    I think no matter what job you have your going to work with jerks, and you will eventually verballize it outloud. Everyone does it to vent. Getting a lot of grief from people is going to happen and telling yourself you have to sit there and smile sweetly everytime someone treats you like crap is just botteling it up. I don't think saying it in front of a patient is a good idea, but I've heard storys of people simply saying that or worse to a patient and then somehow finding a mutual respect or tolerence. I wish people could get past that stupid customer service bullcrap.

    Patients are people too and so are nurses. Lets not forget that.
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    Quote from Dezy
    I wish people could get past that stupid customer service bullcrap.
    My facility has just started scheduling a mandatory 3 part seminar on customer service
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    Quote from Paco-RN
    Let me just clarify that I was on this same unit for months as a student before I was hired on as staff 2 months ago, so I have had ample opportunity to work with many of these difficult patients, while also recognizing that I still have more to see. Sure, I may have had negative thoughts about some of them, but never would I vent with the staff in such a negative way. I am very neutral in my comments and don't resort to name calling, and that is just my nature overall. I don't want to develop a reputation for doing things like this. It is presumptuous and false to think that I will become one of these nurses eventually. I am not a 20-something new grad with no life experience. I had a 15-year career before nursing where I worked with even worse clients, clients that were not sick but had other non-health related problems. Never once did I name call them behind their backs. I can't imagine that nursing would change my personality so drastically.
    Two whole months as a nurse and you're judging your colleagues already. If you're not going to ever vent with "the staff" (and who am I to say what you will or won't do), who ARE you going to vent to? If you bring it here, those who remember this post may feel called upon to tell you they told you so. And if you hold it in until you EXPLODE, that will be messy.

    I don't know what your career was before you became a nurse, but I'm willing to bet that you never had anyone deliberately poop in the bed, then smile at you and tell you you had to clean it up. Nursing doesn't change your personality, but patients can get under your skin in ways that very few others can.
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    Quote from PsychiRN
    A professional nurse should not be calling a patient a "jerk" or any other derogatory name. The nurse has a right to think whatever he/she wants about the patient as we are all human. That being said, the nurse must self-examine daily...why do I not like this patient? Is it personal? Can I provide professional nursing care to this patient, despite my feelings?
    Sure, there are "jerks" everywhere...yes, we do have some "jerks" as patients, but we cannot label patients...this promotes bias in our coworkers as well. If I give report to the next shift, calling a patient a "jerk" is this next nurse already predestined to look at the patient in a negative way?
    I am a psych nurse who lives by the saying "QTIP" (quit taking it personal).
    I wonder how much of your attitude is because you are a psych nurse. We're not all psych nurses, and most of us never stop to analyze the way you have. We're too busy, and it doesn't come naturally to us. My calling a patient a jerk in the break room when he's ripped out his Foley AGAIN because he likes having my young, cute orientee come in and replace it probably does not impact his care in any way. Although I can see where it might if I were caring primarily for his mental health issues.
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    Quote from clbrown
    gotta say I agree with the new nurse theroy.. there is NO WAY you'll make many years without running into at least one patient who'll make you seriously consider the many inappropriate use of pillows.. and yep.. I have often been given reports where I was told a patient was violent, hateful, hard to handle.. and your right.. it's the perception.. and then again.. I've had super hard time with some that other nurses had a great time with ... but the others are right... DO NOT DISCUSS OR TALK ABOUT PATIENTS AT THE NURSING STATION.. HALLWAYS.. RESTROOMS.. that can loose ya yer license.. get ya in trouble and in general cause ya some problems.. but know in your heart... it'll happen.. it doesn't make you a bad person or a bad nurse.. it makes you human. Good luck with your career.
    In all my years, I've never heard of anyone "loosing" their license from talking about patients in the nursing station or employee bathroom.
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    I thought I lost my license once while I was venting about a patient in the nurse's station. Then I checked my wallet and it was still there, so it was all good.
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    Quote from Novo
    If someone is being a Jerk I'll let them know obviously with tactful and respectful language. Some people actually don't know when they're being a jerk, if you tell them usually they fall back.
    Nice thought there. In nursing we most learned about an assertive communication technique. A good way to show to the "Jerks" of being one and are required to cooperate in more respectful way though it can be an endless effort.
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    It's important as a nurse to realize that not ALL patients are jerks. Sometimes a patient is dead.
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    Quote from wooh
    It's important as a nurse to realize that not ALL patients are jerks. Sometimes a patient is dead.
    This one should have had a beverage alert. I'm now going to have to figure out how to get hot chocolate off my computer screen!