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Hi all, I just finished my first week of training at the blood center I am working at. It is 6 months of training and I am enjoying learning everything. I am now being trained for 6 weeks with... Read More

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    "It might be that you're getting a weird vibe from them, and they're getting a weird vibe from you, so your weird vibes are...vibing off each other, you know?"

    LOL, you may be correct. You made me think that may be the case or the other way around. Their weird vibes rubbing off of me. Yeah I think it was a little bit of both.

    Eggshells are gone and everything is cool now. Thanks

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    Hello Kima84

    I hope you don't mind me sending you a message, but I am a new RN who graduated in Dec, passed NCLEX in Jan and like many cannot find work! Over 50 apps and No calls. So I applied at our local blood bank and sure enough I recieved a call back. My interview went very well and I hope to hear from them next week, actually I am calling next week to see what their decision is. Could you please share on your experience, if you are still working at the blood bank and provide any insights you may have, it would be very much appreciated. I am very nervous about losing skills but actually excited at the possibility of working. I am a donor and love the mission.

    Thank you very much
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    Quote from applewhitern
    I don't think you are the rude one, Kima84. It sounds to me like you are not there to socialize, but to learn your job, for which you get paid to do. Asking how old you are is extremely rude, as is asking why you bring your lunch. (Some people bring their lunch because they can't afford to eat out everyday.) When I started the job I am in now, I was orienting with a group of people who barely skimmed over the paperwork, talked thru-out the films, and acted much the same way you described. Guess what~ I am the only person in that little group still employed here. As for lunch, I don't eat "fast food" and have no desire to run out and buy something quick when I can bring my own healthy food. In a 30 min. lunch break, about the only thing you could get would be "fast food." You aren't there to form "cliques" anyway, you are there to learn your job. I wonder why on earth they are so concerned about what YOU do.
    ITA. Just continue learning and doing your own thing. Not everyone is open to making BFFs at work. Nothing wrong with it either. Just know your stuff inside and out, and keep it moving.

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