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    Actually, I'm starting to think this is a joke, really. Are you kidding? Why doesn't the nurse manager know about her? or does she? and why has nothing been done to get her retrained, helped(anxiety) or point blank get rid of her? this has to be a joke. Patients' lives are at stake. Possibility for lawsuits. really? A year and a half??? Laughable!

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    She sounds like a lazy person who is getting you to do her work for her. It sounds like you are a caring decent person who finds it difficult to say "no" but this is really what you both need. Inform her that you will not do her work for her anymore and if the behavior continues you will have to speak to the nurse educator (or manager, if you do not have an educator).
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    I have a nurse working with me who is a little like this. Although she is really a fantastic nurse overall, she is really nervous when it comes to procedures, blood draws, intradermals, etc. She always finds me and asks if I will do it or have someone else do it. I have adopted tough love and I just send her in to get the job done and offer to be right outside if she needs help. I feel that if I am in the room with her, she may be more nervous and more likely to ask me to do it for her and I certainly don't want the patient to pick up on the vibe. More often than not, when she knows I am just outside to bail her out if needed, she gets it done without difficulty and rarely needs me to come help. It has just required practice...not only in developing her skills, but practice in developing her confidence too. Don't continue to enable. This nurse may hurt someone because she is lacking skills. GOOD LUCK!
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    Oh, honey, it seems to me you are SO being played. Not good for the patients, or you, or the "nurse" in question.

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