Manager is sabotaging my future :(

  1. I have been a nurse for five years at a level one trauma center and have decided to make an advance in my career and move to another specialty, however my manager has given every job I apply for a bad reference. I have nothing against my current manager other than, I dont trust that he has a good backbone and allows alot of mess to go on in the unit. But other than that, we have no least I thought. I have approached my manager about these references and he denies it. I feel like he is trying to stop me from advancing my career on purpose, but I don't why. I have no disciplinary write-up's, attendance is good, I get along with everyone, even have great recommendations from doctor's I work side by side with, but again, no job acceptance to jobs I KNOW I am qualified for.

    My question is, is it necessary to give the next hiring manager a reference from your current manager if you already he is not going to give you a good reference for his own personal reasons against me? Please help me
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  3. by   #1ME
    If he's repeatedly being a bad reference, I would refrain from jotting him down as one. Don't you have more than one manager? We have two in the night and two in the morning. How about your Nursing Supervisor, can he or she be a reference for you?
  4. by   rn2bn07
    Thank you @#1ME. I was told by many to not use him as a reference. I didn't know for sure if that would look bad or not, and if it would be questioned as to why I chose not too, I really wouldn't know what to say. He is the nursing supervisor/manager and we have a assistant nurse manager and she don't do references for some reason. I work a hard to fill position, (weekends), and I'm wondering if that's why he's trying to stop me from leaving. I am so frustrated, I don't know what to do
  5. by   Sun0408
    He doesn't want you to leave so he is sabotaging your plans. I will say, I have never used any manager as a reference, its really not needed. Many managers will not give references, some companies have policies against it, go figure.. Im sure your time there and experience is enough to get you a interview. If you need a reference from someone in management; ask your charge nurse for one. If you are close with any of the Dr. ask one of them, your co-workers past and present can also be a reference.
  6. by   rn2bn07
    Thank you Sun0408. I did get two personal recommendations from a close friend/RN/charge nurse and a close friend/Dr., as well. Hopefully that's enough needed. My interview at another hospital is tomorrow, im praying i get this job without any problems.
  7. by   Sun0408
    Good luck I had a manager like that, luckily we had a nurse liaison so I went to her before letting my manager know I was wanting a transfer so she wouldn't try and stop the move with bogus charges hehe.. More than one way to skin a cat