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I work on a short stay unit so the bulk of our patients are coming to recover from minor surgical, GI and interventional radiology procedures and then we send them on their merry way once they are... Read More

  1. by   nyteshade
    Happens all the time, and yes, they usually call back after they've thought about it. However, if no response, and patient is really tanking I'd call a RRT.
  2. by   MECO28
    We do have a rapid response team, however that is usually reserved for patients less stable than this one. Although her BP was sky-high and she had been dealing with the headache/dizziness all day, the patient was calm, interactive and there was no chest pain/SOB/change in LOC. While in theory a RR call would have been justified, in practice I would have gotten a big "what the you-know-what?!" from the team if I had called. Nevertheless, that would have been the next step had the MD not had a change of heart and called me back.
  3. by   vdrapeau
    We are a stand alone facility and we don't have rapid response, we have to call 911 or ship them out if they are unstable. He was actually pretty stable. It was "just his thing". Generally with those patients we have orders with treatment parameters (ie give x for bp over y/z or don't call unless above x). But this guy was fairly new so we hadn't gotten parameters yet (it takes a couple of days to realize we need them sometimes and then time to get them). Usually we are given an order for a one time/additional dose or an early dose depending on the situation. But this doctor didn't know it was his thing (she wasn't his doctor), she just chose to disbelieve the reading completely.