I am being harrassed - page 2

I have a major problem at work. My supervising RN has been sexually harrasing me on-going now for months. I can no longer cope with the constant sexual jokes, double entandres, references, and the... Read More

  1. by   netglow
    Abbaking, let us know how it goes. Hope it is handled well and that you won't have to deal with this crap anymore.
  2. by   neverbethesame
    I am not sure of anyone's sexual orientation in this situation but if you are heterosexual and the offender is homosexual and goes the "minority-victim route", it could get dicey in this very PC age that we live in. I have been in a work situation where the most outrageous things were allowed to occur (no, not sexual harassment although there were other illegalities occurring) because some of us were fearful that it would not go well for us and we would look racist rather than simply wanting to have an appropriate, professional work environment and not just for ourselves but also due to the line of work we were in, we needed to model appropriate workplace behavior for our clients.

    Thank God the situation above where the Unit Secretary filed a counter-suite based on her sexual-orientation but HR saw the real story and the issues were really her poor attitude, out of line behavior and lack of common sense, was resolved correctly.

    Good luck!! I hope that you experience true justice.