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I have seen threads before about the unit bully and it always seems to be a nurse. My unit bully is an LNA. I have only been an LPN for one year now and graduate next week so I will be an RN soon. This LNA sits on her rearend and... Read More

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    hi.. you must absolutely put all your complaints in writing.. trust me, there is nothing more infuriating than working with people who are not team players and seem to get away with it! all the venting in the world to other co workers, including your boss means nothing unless its put in writing. also have other nurses put their concerns and complaints in writing. i have learned over the years that if you have enough complaints written down a good boss must respond... and if she (or he) does not then follow your chain of command... believe me, things will start happening then!! good luck!

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    Our hospital has a different type incident report for everything that could happen. The one you need is what we call a "Problem doc". Verbal complaints to the boss just get brushed aside but put it in writing and it's much harder to ignore.
    As for the visitor that complains, I always tell my assistant director, or the nsg supervisor to go talk with them now. We also by the way have a "patient complaint" form.
    Your job shouldn't have to be harder because of someone's laziness. Read up on your facilities policies for dealing with problems, and disciplinary action. The system usually works if you yank
    the right chains.
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    Good advice here. Also, make sure your documentaion is factual only. Do not include any opinions or subjective info.

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