Health care a "right" or a "privilege"? - page 2

I have thought about this for many days, thinking about the arguments in either direction. I don't know that I have a complete answer yet. Although I feel that basic health care in most of the... Read More

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    Negligence in the way you have described it is meaningless in a nation with soceioeconomic inequality, poor education and capitalistic values.

    But regardless of my personal views, it would be wildly irresponsible for me as a professional to allow "worthiness" to inform my decisions about who should or shouldn't receive care.

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    In 'Merika, Its a privledge

    -The 21 yr old Full Time nursing student who works per diem at a hospital and does not have health insurance. (Parent's cant ''afford'' it)
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    I think as long as the question is posed as something so non-specific it's going to be hard to find any consensus. "Healthcare" includes an extremely wide range of things. I think you'll find the answer to "is erectile dysfunction treatment a right?" is much different than the question "is pain control for a dying patient a right?"

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