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I am a new grad. This is my last week on orientation.. Well today was horrible! Nothing went right! I was crazy busy.. I couldn't find any of my charts because they tend to "float around." Meaning doctors have them then social... Read More

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    right after school i started working for a doc that had gone through 4 nurses in the last 3 years. i was hired to replace the last nurse which wasn't there a whole year. everything went fine the first 3 weeks. the first day i went up to him to get info on how he liked stuff done. then the 4th week we had to send out a diabetic with ketoacidosis in an ambulance. i finally got to see the other side of him! he didn't scream but everytime we send someone out from the clinic he acts like it is the biggest emergency...like our pt is gonna die if we don't do things like speedy gonzalez. i mean i understand sometimes we have to act quick, but he really freaks out. so he was just pushing me through everything i did that day. the more he pressured me, the more i messed up. i even spilled antibiotic on the floor when i pulled back on the syringe plunger too much. then he was like never mind the ambulance is almost leaving. i don't remember everything that he did, but i do remember he made me feel like an imcompetent sorry loser. sooo what did i do....i confronted him at the end of the day. told him how he was too pushy, that i was a new nurse and he was gonna have to deal with the fact that i was not as fast, that i was not gonna take shortcuts to do things faster for him, that i was gonna do things the way i was taught, and that if he had a problem with the above, he needed to get another nurse. and i told him that if he would work with me, i would work with him. he apologized a million times. i told him that if in the future he has a problem with something i do, to come to me and settle it instead of going to complain to another staff member. like i said he was so sorry. he continued apologizing for 2 weeks and even offered to help me with charts everyday after we were done seeing pts. i have worked for him for almost a year. i think he just needed someone to be honest with him. he is the best person to work for...and easy. another nurse that works there said we act like a married couple because of how well we know each other. and i have gotten really good at my job. we work so well together. no problem since then.

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    I hate when doctors throw better tantrums than my toddler. :trout:
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    That is not to be tolerated. Talk to you manager about how to "write" him up. Most hospitals today are not tolerant of doctor to nurse abuse and have a process to deal with that.

    Whether you knew the doctor called and wanted the patient there or not, it is no way for him to talk to you.

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