First patient conflict

  1. So I'm on shift right now and just thought I'd share my experience with my first very displeased patient.

    He speaks little English and is very irritable. Everything was fine then I went in to give meds and go a blood sugar. He actually co operated and when I went to give him water yelled at me to put the water in a "smaller" cup. So I did it no problem then IT started.

    He began grumbling about how I should have come an hour ago how I don't know how to give people medications. Anyway he is independent alert orX3 so he leans back into the bed and being nice I ask if he needs anything else because t this point he's been grumbling for a good 3 minutes.

    He goes "cover me!" so pulled the covers up he's like NO that wrong do it properly. 1 entire minute later I'm still fixing blankets. He began saying how I'm lazy how I just come into work expecting to relax. And I LOST IT

    I said " you know what it's inappropriate for you to speak to me like this so you need to stop" he began saying how he's sick (he's been chronically I'll for years nothing new) I told him that's fine but nurses are here to help those that can't help themselves and when he goes home there won't be a nurse there to tuck the covers around him

    He went off on me saying he's going to complain to the doctor so I said that's fine the doctor is not my boss and he works here just like me. So he goes well tell me whose ur boss I'm going to complain I'm like go right ahead. Then I turned off the light and left.

    There are 3 other patients in the room and they were like "you go girl!" as I was leaving. So I talked to my charge and she went in there and asked he patient if he has anything he would like to talk to her about and he said no abd rolled over abd went to sleep.

    I'm just so livid! How dare you try to speak to me like this? People think just because they don't see us for an hour were having a smoke break. I have 8 patients at night I'm running my shoes off not just "relaxing"

    Anyways so this is my first patient conflict I was almost ready to cry from it. then I pulled myself together and documented everything. I can't risk him actually remembering then looking for a manager.

    However I think chances are because he did not want to discus it right after with my charge he doesn't really care enough to say anything right?
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  3. by   Bringonthenight
    You go girl! Preach it! Patients need to be told that that behavior is unacceptable.
  4. by   loriangel14
    You did fine.In time you will learn to ignore patients like these.
  5. by   Zookeeper3
    You did great! Now management may speak to you and that is their role to investigate conflicts/complaints. Just remember though, there is a time to act instead of react. It's hard when someone is so RUDE!

    It took tons of practice, but I get quieter, and smile deeper (my devious smile) with these folks.

    - "I would have happily been here sooner if only you had hit your call bell to alert me of your needs..."

    -"your tone of voice is offensive, I will be happy to come back in a few minutes if you need to calm your tone of voice "

    -"did you mean ""please get me a smaller cup""?"

    -MY PERSONAL FAVORITE "I'm sorry, but your verbal abuse of calling me lazy will not be tolerated, I am stepping out to get the charge nurse to speak to you. If you want a new nurse I understand, we have many new nurses on staff tonight whom lack the years of experience that I posess, that you may find more suiting to your needs"

    I drive management simply crazy because my hands are folded infront of me, my smile strong, my voice oh so sweet. When you can master that, the sweet sweet words that you use to stand your ground protect you and leave your patient looking like the butt that they are.

    And that blanket thing, or "feed me" or any demand meant to be demeaning for me to serve them instead of facilitate independence is met with "oh, no sir, I am here to help you get strong, recover and return home as quickly as possible. So you do what you can yourself first and I'll do what you can't. Thank you for understanding I am here to provide EXCELLENT care to you"

    Choke on that press gainey!