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Hey all, I'm just wondering if you can give me some clarity. To put it shortly, I am a PCT / CNA, I was floated to another unit, the code was called, patient successfully resuscitated. I believe I overheard the Doc talking... Read More

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    Quote from blackvans1234
    I assumed the family was notified because of the gravity of the situation (everything you guys said above), I just wanted to make sure.
    Usually it's protocol to notify the family when a code happens. Whatever the prognosis.
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    Well of course they would notify the family. Do you really think that they wouldn't call the family and do you really think they wouldn't come in just because it was midnight? Why a patient in that condition would even be a full code is beyond me but that's another topic....
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    Our doctors will notify family members if a code seems imminent, or if there's an acute change in condition in their family member so that they are able to make plans accordingly to come and be with them.
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    What you described could be any patient scenario of any patient. You absolutely notify the family of critical condition changes and it is usual and customary that the family members come to the hospital to be with their loved ones. ICU/critical care units usually have family members in their waiting area...especially the critical ones that the outcome appears to be poor so they can be with their family member.

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