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Ah yes the struggle between young and old, experienced versus brand new. *which btw, I kinda see myself as being in the middle lol, not really totally novice, but no, not tenured, been a nurse for almost 6 years, but a RN for... Read More

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    i don't think this a young vs. old, new vs. crusty old bat, or a male vs. female issue. we each bring our own unique personality to nursing.
    to a nurse who's used to waiting to hear what the md orders, having another nurse suggest, "we need___!" or "mrs.___ should have a
    ___ immediately!" may be interpreted as being out of line or pushy when it was simply a differing nursing style.

    i remember when i was a new young nurse on an ortho floor. the surgeon had left an order that the patient be straight cathed if his urine output fell below a certain point. it did and i began gathering supplies when she found me. "who are those for?" i explained and she was shocked!

    he was a man! i'd simply have to find a male nurse to do it! it would not be proper otherwise! she was late 20's as i was, but had been trained in a catholic hospital by nuns where they did things differently. i've worked with some excellent older nurses, some set in their ways nurses, some crusty young bats, and some on top of things new grads.

    not quite ready for the melon baller....yet.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    Can I borrow your melon-baller? Please.
    Just be sure to sanitize it
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    Quote from all4nursingrn
    ah yes the struggle between young and old, experienced versus brand new.

    not wanting to generalize and label all experienced nurses, but i often times feel that older nurses discredit how much we know. i always feel like they think it's their way or no way and that you are a know it all when you don't listen to them.

    then you have some newer nurses who think they've got it all handled. new grad versus new grad is actually an issue too! where i work they (management) try to act as though the nurses with a few more months of experience are so much more capable of handling triage or being in charge? like really? what is really the difference in experience between someone who has been a nurse for 2 years and one with 1 year of experience? that varies dramatically from nurse to nurse.

    some of the new grads i work with are just way too know it all-ish, too aggressive, too anxious, and bossy.

    i just think alot of experienced nurses undermine the intelligience of newer nurses, and too many new grads think they're the best thing since sliced bread, and vice versa as well!

    it's not always the amount of time someone has the word nurse behind their name that determines their competency or incompetency.
    it sounds as if you have issues with pretty much everyone. have you given any thought at all to the idea that you might be contributing to these negative interactions?
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    No I actually get along very well with my co-workers, but there are a few in the bunch that are the pushy know it all ones.

    Just because I vent here about some shifts doesn't mean it's all bad.

    I know all nurses is a place to vent, so I hope I don't make it seem as though I have no good working relationships with all the nurses I work with. I am only giving you a small glance into some problems I have encountered with co-workers which is normal, especially giving the area I work in.

    I am tame compared to most nurses I work with, I don't yell, I don't get irriatated, and I don't have an attitude at work, this has been said to me by my co-workers and even management, so again don't let a few vent sessions lead you to the perception that the problem is with me.

    BTW I didn't yell at the nurse, I said "Hey, can you get the setup for the foley while I get this IV in" I never alluded to the fact that I yelled at her or came off with an attitude.

    At the heart of my post I was trying to explain that some experienced nurses automatically think you don't know what you're doing. After I asked her (without malice) to grab the foley set, she stood there and questioned snarkily as to why this patient would need a foley.

    That left me feeling like oh there this goes once again, big nurse tells little nurse.

    The misunderstandings continue.

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