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DON a big borderline? - page 2

I'm finding that the once believed sweet DON, has been trying to split people.. Myself and my CNA's included. How should I handle this? I have found out that she lied about something one of my... Read More

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    I didn't mean to upset anyone by writing borderline personality.. I apologize. I understand how that can be upsetting.. truly I am sorry.

    I guess I was just using one of the "characteristics" of the disorder to make a point.. I do feel she does try to "split" people. I guess I am someone who prefers straight honesty to other "techniques".

    I'm just going to meet with her and clear things up re that incident.

    Thank you everyone for your advice! You gals & guys always come thru.
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    Thank you Stargazer.. you're right. I'm going to talk to her to clear it up.
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    That's ok I understand why people uses those terms because it's an adjective you can use to simply describe the behavior and I did easily understand your point. Though I wonder if your DON is the cause of the splitting or another staff member inducing it if your DON doesn't normally behave that way.