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I recently read about the Honest Abe Award honoring nurses for being the most honest profession. Where I work I do find many honest nurses however I see an equal number of dishonest nurses. Nurses that chart they flushed IV's... Read More

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    I don't pay attention to that... If I have something to say, I say it regardless of the age of the post.
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    We are considered trustworthy because we try to protect, help, and do the least harm to our clients whereas other professions which are usually financially motivated may seek to deceive a client (to whatever detriment) in one way or another for profit.

    I doubt the public does thinks of something as esoteric as assessment charting when they consider our "trustworthiness". I think it's more likely they relate to that concept in terms of our direct care.

    Quote from TheCommuter
    I think it is absolutely disgusting when a nurse is being meddlesome, and continually checking the work of her coworkers. This might sound rather harsh, but it is time to mind your own business.
    Other so-called 'professionals' do not openly snoop into the affairs of their coworkers to the degree that nurses do.
    It's VERy easy to notice these things without snooping. And the fact that we report our co-workers more often than another profession sounds more like a symptom of our trustworthiness!

    I agree, the OP is nitpicking. But 2 things: 1) Everyone, stop acting like the things she describes DON'T exist. Sure, she may be incorrectly assuming. But it's also very likely that she's correct. 2) Maybe the OP hasn't encountered bigger problems yet but I don't know what's so bad about her desire that people do honest assessments besides her holier-than-thou angle.

    edit: oh Lord, wretched. Look what you got me into
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    ut oh...i responded also!!!!lol

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