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I work with a traveling nurse. She is angry all the time. I don't know if it is a personal thing or a work thing. Not only that but some of her work habits are less than questionable. To say that she will walk in and out of an... Read More

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    I aagree with recruiter. This is something that needs to be reported to her agency.

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    Originally posted by ratchit
    I agree with the other posters- but I don't understand the references to her being a traveller. ALL nurses need to comply with standard and isolation precautions. The issue isn't her travel nurse status, it's her poor technique and attitude.

    Travellers have an odd set of circumstances to deal with- we are expected to know how EVERY hospital does things- every one assumes they have the only right way. Seen about 17 "only right ways" so far. But at the same time we're expected to be up and running on that hospital's routines in a day or two, people assume we're idiots who can't cut it at a staff job.

    I agree with your points and the conclusions- this one is a problem. But not because she's a traveller. <grin>
    I never intended to make it sound like traveler's are bad nurses. I meant by saying that she was a traveler, I would be playing devil's advocate by knowing that she doesn't know our facility. I am just tired of people (travelers at the point whom I am referring to) are coming to work and saying that I just don't want to be here and doing a crappy job that I have to help clean up after by doing PR to the docs, families and patients. Sorry if I offended anyone.
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    No offense taken here!

    When staff are overworked and underrespected, attitudes will stink. That goes for all kinds of nurses- staff, agency, and traveller alike.

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