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    I've talked to a couple of recruiters in North Dakota, and starting pay for new grad nurses is around $21-22 per hour. This seems awfully low especially since the cost of living seems rather high. Is that enough money to get by?

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    I live in Florida and the starting for new grads here is $23 I believe. Are you working nights? The night differential here is roughly $5 more per hour. Plus, we also have Clinical Ladder.
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    I was offered 22.50 with a 50 cent differential for nights. This was in May of 12 in Grand Forks. But that was with the promise of a pay bump after 90 days and again at 1 year. Im currently active duty army but I thought it was a decent deal.

    The cost of living is actually pretty low there, so I guess it depends on your home life. As a single person living in a normal 1 bed apartment, hell yeah youll be fine. Wife and 2 kids? Not so much. Go east to the twin cities after 2 years and make fatter money in bigger hospitals. (around 40$/Hr last I heard)
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    The cost of living isn't low. It's as expensive as California, and starting rate for nurses here (in California) is more like $30.
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    Have you tried finding a job in Missouri, they start new grads out @ $19 day shift, +$4 differential for nights and weekends, but weekend nights can make up to $27/hr, with increase in a year. plus they offer 75% off tuition. Try the University of Missouri Health care in Columbia.

    The cost of living is lower than north dakota, 1 bedroom apt goes for like $400.

    This is a better option compared to North dakota
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    Good Luck finding a job in Columbia as a new grad. Their priorities are like everyone else's I guess. They hire nursing students that work there, did externships, or clinicals there. Then students in the area. Not saying it's impossible, but the "not so much of a nursing shortage," is hitting St. Louis and Columbia. I had an interview at the University of Missouri Health care within the last month. The recruiter told me they had 100's of applications for their jobs. So, I'm here on the N. Dakota forum, looking at applying in Minot, Fargo, etc..
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